Which countries are supported?

Currently we only accept residents of the United Kingdom.

Once I sign-up, when should I expect to receive my first survey?

You are eligible from the very moment you sign-up to receive surveys. Therefore you could receive an invitation right away. Generally speaking however, you should receive your first survey within the first week. It really depends on your demographic profile (whether you are male or female, your location, type of work you do etc.) and the current needs of our clients.

When will I receive my sign-up bonus?

If you were eligible to receive a sign-up bonus, this would have been processed in the first 10 days of the month following your sign-up. e.g. If you sign up in January, then your sign-up bonus will show in your account by no later than the 10th of February. If your sign-up bonus is not in your account by this time, please feel free to contact us at http://www.responsepanel.com/support and we will look into it asap.

I can’t login to my personal account.

First, please remember that the password recognition is case sensitive, so you must use capitals and small letters in the right places.

Please use your email address and password to login. If you are copying and pasting your email address or password, please make 100% sure that you are not copying any blank spaces by mistake.

Some panellists using Internet Explorer have had problems logging in. This appears to be due to how IE caches information. If you are still having a problem logging in, please try another browser to check if the problem is local. We highly recommend using Chrome browser as it appears to be the most standards compliant. You can download it for free here https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/

If you receive an error saying that your email address, username or password is not recognised, please use the Forgot Password link on this page: http://www.responsepanel.com/panellist-login

Where can I view my earnings from answering surveys?

Please login to your personal account with the email address and password. After logging in click “Your Profile”, on the next page scroll down and on the left click “Redeem Rewards”. Your current balance is displayed along with your most recent activity.

When do my incentives show in my personal account?

Due to system procedures please allow us two (2) days before your incentive balance is updated. However we do try get these done ASAP and is usually within the hour.

Points / Redemption

When you login to your account, you will be able to see what rewards you have accumulated. After logging in click “Your Profile”, on the next page scroll down and on the left click “Redeem Rewards”. Your current balance is displayed along with your most recent activity.

When you reach the required redemption level of £30, a link will become visible which will allow you to redeem your rewards. Redemption payouts are processed between the 1st and 10th of the month following the month you redeemed. e.g. if you redeemed in July, then your payout will occur no later than 10 August.

Changing your email address

If you would like to have your email address changed, please request this at http://www.responsepanel.com/support.

When I click on the survey link, it says that the survey is closed or that my quota is full, why?

Survey closed means that the the desired number of answers has been collected for this survey.

Quota full means that all answers from your specific target-group have been collected.

I haven’t received any surveys from you in a long time.

The most probable reason for this is that you belong to a target-group not currently requested in the system. You can greatly increase the chance of receiving surveys by always ensuring that your personal details are complete and up to date. Updating your personal information is accomplished on your account page.

In certain circumstances your e-mail system can misinterpret the invitation send-out as spam, make sure that our e-mail address doesn’t get filtered out as such. Email invitations come from support@responsepanel.com

I don’t want to be a part of the panel any more. How do I leave the panel?

Login in to your personal account and click the “unregister” link. Please note that you will loose any unclaimed incentives by leaving the panel.

What do you do with the personal data that I give you?

We will never give away your personal information to a third party. We adhere to national laws and regulations concerning personal data protection.

I want to receive more surveys and earn more money.

The number of surveys you are eligible to receive during a set time is limited following guidelines set forth by ESOMAR. The reason is to ensure research quality and avoid respondent fatigue.

I still need help!

No problem, we are happy to help, just click here to be taken to an area where you can submit your support request.

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